April 2020

Dealing with High Anxiety: The Attachment-Based-ISTDP way
3-hour online seminar with Dr Robert Neborsky & Dr Sharon Lewis, ISTDP London

The talk will focus on the concept of unconscious anxiety and the way in which is viewed as a gateway to the unconscious.  Dr Neborsky will discuss the links between attachment and anxiety symptoms, and explain how anxiety is conceptualized in the meta-psychology of ISTDP. Specific techniques used in AB-ISTDP to treat anxiety disorders will be discussed.  Dr Neborsky will demonstrate how this understanding translates into effective intervention through a case presentation.

Robert J. Neborsky, M.D., is a psychiatrist in private practice in Del Mar, California, and a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCSD School of Medicine as well as UCLA School of Medicine (Hon).  He was a founding member on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy and has recently co-authored a textbook book on Attachment Based-ISTDP with Josette ten Have de Labije. He teaches Attachment Based ISTDP internationally.

Date:   Friday 24 April 2020
Time:   4pm – 7pm (London, UK time zone)

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May 2020
Anxiety as a Gateway to the Unconscious Mind
Online seminar with Dr Sharon Lewis
16 May 2020, 10am – 12pm
The talk focuses on the concept of unconscious anxiety and the way in which anxiety symptoms are a gateway to accessing unconscious emotion.The seminar will start from first principles and is suitable for clinicians new to ISTDP or in early phases of learning. More experienced clinicians wanting a refresher are also welcome!

The following topics will be covered:

– The links between attachment trauma and development of anxiety symptoms

– the physiology of unconscious anxiety

– assessment of severity of anxiety pathways

– Specific regulatory techniques used in AB-ISTDP to treat anxiety symptoms

– Working effectively with anxiety to deepen emotional processing in session

There will be opportunity for questions and discussion. I will also be available for 30 minutes after the seminar if participants have questions about training further with ISTDP London.

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June 2020
Integrating Neuro-biology, Attachment Theory and Psychoanalysis

This online seminar is presented by Dr Graham Music, with discussant Dr Sharon Lewis. The talk will highlight how early experiences affect emotional expectations and psychological patterns. We will see how what starts as appropriate, sometimes life-saving adaptations, can become maladaptive defensive strategies, and how relational, attachment and body based nervous system templates become deeply ingrained, profoundly affecting life-trajectories.

The idea of ‘bringing the body back into psychotherapy’ will be explored. Topics covered will include:

– the effects of trauma and neglect on brain, body and mind.

– differences between highly emotionally activated states and more deactivated shut-down states in response to neglect or trauma.

– clinical implications for direct work with those who have suffered maltreatment and adverse experiences,

The seminar will be illustrated with slides, video-clips and clinical material.

After Dr Music’s talk, there will be a presentation by Dr Sharon Lewis looking at how Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) works ‘backwards’ to address defences from the very beginning of treatment in order to unmask the nature of attachment trauma.

The interface between traditional psychotherapy and ISTDP techniques will be discussed.

The seminar will be of interest to psychotherapists, counsellors, analysts and all those working in related fields.


Dr Graham Music is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and Adult Psychotherapist . Formerly Associate Clinical Director of the Tavistock Clinic’s Child and Family Department, he now works at the Portman as a Consultant forensic psychotherapist as well as in private practice. He has managed a range of services working with the aftermath of child maltreatment and neglect, and organised many community-based psychotherapy services. Graham teaches nationally and internationally and currently leads on training in child development, neuroscience and attachment theory at the Tavistock Clinic. He has a particular interest in linking cutting-edge developmental findings with therapeutic practice. His extensive clinical work in the NHS is primarily with issues of trauma and the effect of maltreatment on children as well as on the families of such children. His distinctive therapeutic approach amalgamates psychoanalysis alongside modern developmental thinking from neurobiology, attachment, trauma theory and mindfulness.

Graham has published widely in academic journals and the media. He is the author of several books, including: Nurturing Children: From Trauma to Hope using neurobiology, psychoanalysis and attachment (2019)

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Psycho-physiologic disorders: Diagnosis and treatment

Facilitator: Dr S. Lewis

British Psychological Society, London Office.
8 June 2020
This event has been postponed due to the current situation. Further information will be posted when available

Treating Anxiety with ISTDP

Facilitator:  Dr Sharon Lewis
Andrew Sims Centre, Leeds
12 June 2020
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September 2020

New 1-year programme starting: Foundation Skills in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

Details and registration form here: or email [email protected] for more information

October 2020

Treating Medically Unexplained Symptoms with ISTDP
Facilitator:  Dr Sharon Lewis
Andrew Sims Centre, Leeds
23 October 2020
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